Pet-Pilot® MAX - Purple Passion

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Larger basket - more "paw" room!
Available in 8 colors
Handlebar Mount included
Safety Leash included

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 Owners Guide

The Pet-Pilot® "MAX" dog bicycle basket was developed to accomodate larger dogs than the "Original" model. With each production run, improvements are made to the overall design, function and look of this very popular dog bike basket. Our goal is to continually tweak the design to make the MAX basket the best dog bike carrier on the market. Some of those enhancements are listed below.

"MAX" model enhancements:

  • Spacer tube included with all mounts - greatly increases compatibility with newer bike handle stems
  • Removable floor cushion, enhanced top rail cushion
  • Additional safety strap from handlebars to basket
  • Top cover tabs include neoprene core, provides more cushion and durability
  • Handle now includes a foam sleeve for greater comfort
  • Handlebar mount support arm protective rubber sleeve added
  • Improved the top rim frame design for greater strength

Sizing: The Pet-Pilot® MAX is designed for averaged size, small breeds that need a little more "leg and paw room" than in the "Original" Pet-Pilot®.
The approximate top opening (Interior) dimensions are .. 14" x 11" .. (exterior, 16" x 13.5").
The biggest question for sizing ... is will your small pet fit comfortably inside the basket? Please be sure to evaluate the opening size and interior dimensions.

Maximum Weight: The steel mount and support arm, (along with the steel wire frame) when installed properly, will support your pets weight - Guaranteed!

Compatibility: Our mount is compatible with the vast majority of bike models on the market. However, please consider 2 important points before purchasing;

  • Some E-Bikes have the elctronics mounted in the middle of the handlebars (where it attaches to the goose neck). Our basket mount has a 2 inch space between the upper clamps, which may not be enough to clear those electronics.
  • Handlebar diameter - our mount clamps are adjustable and work with diameters up to 32mm. Some newer, high end, mountain bikes are now using 35mm handlebars.

Main Features: Strength ... Stability ... a large variety of available colors ... and "Best in Class" weight support are the main features of this dog bicycle pet carrier first released in March, 2018. With these features and many more ... this new Bike Basket for small dogs and pets is the safest and most feature rich pet bicycle carrier available on the market!

Air Vent?? The Pet Pilot® MAX bike basket also features an expansive Front Air Vent. The large, triangle shaped vent (cloth mesh covering the steel wire frame) is located on the bottom half of the front panel and allows for cooling airflow to flood your pets lower body as you ride, flushing out hot, trapped air if your pet's body fills most of the basket ... the faster you go the better the breeze! For cooler weather rides, add a small blanket to block the vent.

The Pet-Pilot® MAX is designed to be hands down the most stable dog bicycle pet carrier on the market today. Guaranteed "No Sway" !! The patented handlebar mount is the key to this stability. Other bike baskets tend to wobble when loaded .... not the Pet Pilot® MAX! The fast and easy attachment method used to lock (and unlock) the dog bicycle basket to the mount makes it very convenient (and fast) to disengage the basket from the bike.



  • Top of basket - 16" x 13.5" (exterior), 14" x 11" (interior)
    • Padded Floor area - 13" x 10"
  • Height - 9.5" outside .. (8" inside)

  • Basket Weight - 4.4 lbs
  • Mount Weight - 1.0 lbs
  • Shipping Weight - 7.0 lbs


  • Cooling Air Flow - through a front mesh air vent !!
  • Steel Frame - Steel Handlebar mount with rubber bushings
  • Top cover tabs include neoprene core, provides more cushion and durability
  • Handle now includes a foam sleeve for greater comfort
  • 6 colored inserts (in a variety of colors) allow you to customize the basket!
  • Reflective silver safety strip on front and sides
  • 2-point, chrome clasp, safety leash (attaches to dogs harness)
  • NEW - safety strap from handlebars to basket
  • Side mesh water bottle holder
  • (2) Side pockets for keys, cell phone, leash
  • (2) Side panel rings to attach safety light, keys, etc.


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