Pet-Pilot® MAX - fabric replacement

Pet Pilot Accessories
(Cover / Liner replacement)

New fabric cover & liner
Perfect for damaged or worn Fabric.

MSRP: $42.94
Final price: $42.94
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A brand new fabric cover and liner for your Pet-Pilot (or Pet-Pilot MAX) will restore your dog bicycle basket to like new condition. The steel frame and mount for your Pet-Pilot dog bicycle basket will undoubtedy outlast the fabric, so we offer a cost effective way to get that new dog bike basket look and feel back without having to order an entire basket set. On each production run we typically make minor improvements in the form and function of the cover/liner, however, rest assured your replacement cover will fit your Pet-Pilot steel frame like a glove. Replace your cover and liner -- maybe even add a few new colors -- to restore your dog bicycle basket to like new condition!



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