Bicycle Trailer Hitch

SKU: TH-001
weighs 4.2oz, black enamel coating

Fits Solvit Houndabout pet bike trailers
Fits Lucky Dog pet bike trailers
Fits Allen bike trailers

MSRP: $8.75
Final price: $8.75


  • Fits: SOLVIT HoundAbout II Bicycle Trailer - MED or LARGE sizes -- SKU: #69992
  • Fits: SOLVIT Track'r Bike Trailer - MED or LARGE sizes -- SKU: #69992
  • Fits: LUCKY DOG Pet Bike Trailer
  • Fits: LUCKY DOG Deluxe Pet Bike Trailer
  • Fits: All ALLEN Bike Trailers
  • Made of high grade steel with black enamel, industrial powder coating
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.

Do you need a replacement (or an additional) hitch for your Solvit Houndabout, Lucky Dog pet bicycle trailer or Allen bike trailer? This bike trailer hitch is fabricated using high grade steel and is guaranteed to fit your Solvit Houndabout bicycle trailer snugly (and securely). An extra hitch is ideal when using 2 or more bicycles to tow your pet bike trailer.

This bicycle trailer hitch is powder coated at high temperature during the manufacturing process to produce an extremely durable, high gloss, black enamel finish.


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