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Shipping Policy details

  1. As of Oct 1, 2021, we are only shipping orders on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Transit times to your location (from our Illinois warehouse) are shown on the color coded MAP below.
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Want to become an Authorized Dealer?

Who Qualifies ?

All brick and mortar stores ... pet shops, boutiques and other related retail businesses such as bicycle shops, pet groomers, pet boarding facilities and dog trainers.

What about e-commerce retailers?
We support all e-commerce retailers. In fact, e-commerce now makes up the majority of our business!
... from small retail websites all the way to the multi-billion dollar Amazon marketplace, we have the tools you need to be successful. Please note, Amazon.US and Walmart are not availble to new dealers, see below for more information.

Amazon.US  &  Walmart

These are the two largest e-commerce platforms in the USA. We select only a handful of top dealers to represent Travelin K9 in these marketplaces. Timely communications, knowledge of Travelin K9 products and of course a thorough knowledge of Amazon.US/Walmart seller requirements and best practices are the basis for this selection. We have found that smaller companies excel in these areas much more than larger companies.

If you are a new company, just starting out, we are excited to bring you onboard, but only for sales channels outside of Amazon.US and Walmart. If you excel and distinguish yourself, you can earn the opportunity to be one of the few dealers approved to represent our brand on Amazon.US and Walmart.

Want to begin the application process?
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(approval and access to wholesale resources)

After you submit your dealer appliction form in step-3 above, we will review your application and reach out with any questions we have about your business. If we think your company will be a good fit with ours, you will be approved and receive a welcome email.

Access to Travelin K9 wholesale resources, such as the product catalog, wholesale pricing, operating procedures, inventory, etc ... will be granted after final approval.

Our On-Line Partners

  Travelin' K9, inc

610 North 5th street / Suite-B
Pekin, IL 61554

info @ travelin-k9.com

(309) 550-7248

Winter Hours:
Oct 1 through March 1
Tu, Wed, Th - (9am-4pm CST)

About Travelin' K9

Located in the "Heart of Illinois", Travelin' K9 started out as an online pet retailer, then incorporated in 2008 as we began to grow our online sales. In 2015 we began developing our own product line. We love animals and enjoy developing, improving and manufacturing pet products that improve the quality of life for all of our pets. We sell primarily to online pet retailers, small pet shops, pet boutiques and large pet suppliers. If you don't see our products in your local pet shop - please ask them to contact us!