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Shipping Policy details

  1. As of Oct 1, 2021, we are only shipping orders on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Transit times to your location (from our Illinois warehouse) are shown on the color coded MAP below.
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Travelin-K9 Return Policy

  1. This policy applies only to orders placed directly with Travelin K9, not orders placed with authorized retailers.

  3. This policy applies to all orders once they have been picked up by the shipping carrier (FedEx, US Postal Service, UPS, etc).

  5. If you wish to return a product(s) ordered directly from us please email us (or call) with your request as soon as possible, but not later than the times detailed below;


    • Damage from shipping - within 5 days of receiving your order.
    • Missing Items - within 10 days of receiving your order.
    • Not for Us or Wrong Size - within 10 days of receiving your order.
    • Defective part - within 10 days of receiving your order.


      Note: Return instructions will be emailed to you.


      Note: Returns must be in new, unused condition to receive a refund. That means no pet hair (or paw prints) on the product. Please use the same packaging when boxing up your return to prevent damage.

  7. Damage: We will ship you a new replacement item (or part) at no charge to you. If your item is damaged, defective or broken, please attach a picture of the damage (and packaging) when you email us for return authorization. If you choose not to accept a replacement product (or part) then we will treat your order as a normal return.

  9. Return Shipping: Use the shipping carrier of your choice. We recommend tracking your return. Once your item is received, we normally process your refund within 3 business days. Credit will be applied to the payment method used at the time of purchase.

  11. Restock Fees: Your refund will be based on the amount that was paid for the item being returned (minus the actual shipping cost). Returns received in poor condition (unable to be resold) will not be given any credit or refund. At the discretion of Travelin K9, up to a 20% restock fee may be deducted from your refund and is directly related to the condition of the return, the better the condition the smaller the restock fee.

  13. Shipping Address: All returns should be shipped to our warehouse:

Travelin K9, INC
RMA# (per instructions)
610 North 5th street
Pekin, IL 61554

Terms of Service - Conditions of Use

  1. Orders may be submitted to Travelin K9 using any of the following methods;


    • Consumers;
      • via website shopping cart (preferred)
      • phone
      • mail-in

    • Dealers;
      • via website shopping cart (preferred), creates a PO
      • email
      • phone, or
      • regular mail

    • Note: Orders may be cancelled for a FULL refund prior to any items being shipped (wholesale orders are not charged until shipped).

  3. The Return and Refund Policy (detailed above) for Travelin K9 must be followed for all product returns. Deviations from this policy will be at the discretion of Travelin K9.

  5. Authorized Dealers, Vendors and other Wholesale Buyers agree to The published "Operating Procedures - Policies" that are detailed in the restricted wholesale area of this website. These procedures and policies are updated periodically. It is the responsibility of all wholesale buyers to be familiar with these procedures and policies. Deviations from any of our published procedures and policies must be coordinated in writing with Travelin' K9 prior to any such deviations.

  7. FREE Shipping, where indicated, guarantees you that no freight charges will be added to your order. FREE Shipping does not apply to returns, wholesale or Dealer Direct orders unless agreed to in writing by Travelin K9.

  9. By submitting an order (as described in item (1) above) to Travelin K9, Travelin K9 becomes the "seller" and the customer (or company) who submits the order becomes the "buyer" establishing a "contract" between said parties. Said contract may be cancelled by either party before an order ships. In this case a full refund will be issued to the buyer.

  11. The Uniform Commercial Code, Section (2) applies and will govern any and all disputes not covered here in our "Terms of Service * Conditions of use" policy.

  13. Travelin K9, Inc, its owners and employees shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, data or other intangible losses (even if the owners of this site have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the use (or the inability to use) the product(s) and or service(s) or any misuse of the product(s) and or service(s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use.

Attention Customers

" Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery " is an old proverb ... but has taken on new meaning in the digital age. The success of our Pet-Pilot bike basket has spawned several counterfeit offers from unscrupulous retailers.

We report these sites to Google legal and they eventually get taken down, but BUYER BEWARE. If you purchase from a retailer NOT listed on our Authorized Dealer page, we will not be able to offer any help with warranty service, refunds or customer service.

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(updated 07 Sep, 2021)
  • AMAZON SELLERS - avoid!
  • AccessoriStop
  • Smiley Choice
  • Zolla
  • A.B.D. Trades
  • Pan Am Market

  • WALMART SELLERS - avoid!
  • COS Investment
  • ZNA Limited, LLC
  • Unbeatable Sale

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About Travelin' K9

Located in the "Heart of Illinois", Travelin' K9 started out as an online pet retailer, then incorporated in 2008 as we began to grow our online sales. In 2015 we began developing our own product line. We love animals and enjoy developing, improving and manufacturing pet products that improve the quality of life for all of our pets. We sell primarily to online pet retailers, small pet shops, pet boutiques and large pet suppliers. If you don't see our products in your local pet shop - please ask them to contact us!